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Custom wood walking sticks, wood hiking sticks, and wood ...

Elegant custom wood walking sticks, hiking sticks, Harry Dresden walking sticks and canes, all uniquely made by me in the USA, with USA woods. No imports. These hiking sticks, walking sticks and canes are functional works of art which make great gifts and heirlooms.

Wooden Walking Sticks for Hiking | Brazos

Wooden Walking Sticks for Hiking. We offer an unbeatable selection of handmade wooden walking sticks for hiking. Our hiking sticks are beautifully crafted by local artisans in Central Texas and are designed to increase your balance and mobility during your treks.

VINIDA Wood Burning Camping Stove - Updated Collapsible ...

The outdoor backpacking camping stove is a perfect emergency&survival kit for camping,backpacking,canoeing,motorcycle/bicycle touring,river running,bush crafting,wilderness survival and disaster preparation.

Walking and Hiking Sticks - Most Sturdy Durable Walking ...

Walking Sticks and Canes have a rich history. They were purely functional in some periods while in others they were fashionable status symbols. As time went on, canes and walking sticks began to symbolize power and strength. A well-used country stick becomes a much loved friend and companion. Our hiking sticks and poles are beautifully crafted by local artisans in the USA & are designed to ...

Unique hand carved wooden walking sticks and other ...

Welcome to Carved Wooden Walking Sticks, the home of unique wooden walking sticks carved in traditional New Zealand Maori designs. Whether you call them walking canes, walking poles or hiking sticks, we hope we can offer you something different from the usual fare.