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Welcome to Carved Wooden Walking Sticks, the home of unique wooden walking sticks carved in traditional New Zealand Maori designs. Whether you call them walking canes, walking poles or hiking sticks, we hope we can offer you something different from the usual fare.

Handcrafted wooden walking hiking sticks and exotic ...

hiking sticks poles and canes. An intricately hand carved hiking stick carved in New Zealand Tawa. The twisty pattern goes all the way down the stick to the rubber tip.

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Wooden Walking Sticks for Hiking. We offer an unbeatable selection of handmade wooden walking sticks for hiking. Our hiking sticks are beautifully crafted by local artisans in Central Texas and are designed to increase your balance and mobility during your treks.

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Classy Walking Canes ® is a registered trademark and we feature canes and sticks from around the world. We are family owned and we have been online for 12 years as one of the leading online retailers of Walking Canes and Hiking Sticks.

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Best Sellers. At Brazos, we offer the best walking sticks, hiking sticks and trekking poles. All of our walking sticks are individually crafted from the finest woods including sassafras, hickory, sweet gum, iron bamboo, and many other exotic and native trees.