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phoenix modular water pipe system - customizable bong extension Freezable coil

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    Crown phoenix
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    Glass Water Pipe / ash catcher
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Freezable coil

This chiller is great for adding a new level of cooling .

Metrix Perc

The slits in the matrix perc function to filter and distill your smoke for smooth hits upon every use.

Tree perc

Smoke travels up the perc's central stem before being split amongst eight glass arms and diffused through water.

Honeycomb Perc To Turbine Perc (New)

double whammy percolator offers the ultimate experience in superior filtration systems. 

Masterfully crafted with flavor in mind,

More bubbles capture more air, and that leaves you with nothing but the purest of flavorful hits. 

5" Beaker Base

Beaker Base is 5" in Diameter and  6.5" Tall

Joint : 14mm Female
Comes  With : 14mm  Bowl / Down Stem / K clip 

Glycerin Coil Mouthpiece

Length  Height : 11.5 " approx 

 Glycerin Chiller Attachment 14mm

fits 14mm Female Rig

 Glycerin Chiller Attachment 2 18mm

fits 18mm Female Rig

6 Arms Freezable Coil Mouthpiece

Special Addition No Drag Glycerin Chiller with built in reinforced 6 arm pillar perc 
Batter and cooler Air Flow !!! Length  Height : 8.5 " approx

Glycerin Coil Mouthpiece 3

Length  Height : 8.5 " approx

sprinkler perc Base

inline slit perc
As you pull the slits in the inline diffuser break up the smoke in smaller particles, which refines the smoke and smoothens it down significantly. 
As it moves upwards it reaches the sprinkler percolator. The bent tubes of the sprinkler percolator, located in the bottom of the bong, 
create an outward air stream, which bounces the smoke and water against the body of the bong, allowing for the smoke to cool down significantly.

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