Solar Panel With Outlet

12V 5W 280L/H Solar Panel Brushless DC Water Pump With Water Outlet Caps Kits

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This product with filter box, the pump placed in the filter box, and built-in filter cotton,effective to avoid the dirty plug nozzle, filter box at the bottom of the four fixed support,can adapt to the different use of the environment, greatly improving the practical products And installation stability.
The pump can be connected to a variety of different shapes of the nozzle, spray a different water type.
- Rated voltage: 12V
Rated power: 5W
Material: monocrystalline silicon, PET laminated
Size: 280*170mm
Cable length: 500cm
Heat resistance: 0-45℃
The Power of Pump: 10V,3 W
Max water height: 50--100cm
Max Lift of Pump: 190cm
Maximum flow: 280L/H
Outlet diameter: 8mm
Pump life: >10000 hours
Water pump noise: <45DB
Delay: ≤5s
Restart: if sunshine is off,can restart within 3seconds when sunshine is back.
1.Put the pump totally in the water with its nozzle over the water;Be sure the pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain to avoid vibration.
2.Plug the jack pump in the jack of solar panel output.
3.Put the solar panel under enough sunlight and be better to face directly to the sun.
- Be sure to put enough water in the fountain, especially on sunny days;always keep the pump under the water surface.
- Change water frequently to keep the water cleaning to avoid any dirt to impede the pump.
- Be careful to protect the solar panel to avoid any damage.
- Keep the surface of solar panel cleaning constantly.
Package included:
1 x Solar battery panel
1 x Brushless DC water pump (with power wire and filter set)
3 x Water outlet caps

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