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ICOM IC-R1500 / IC-PCR1500 Wideband Communications Receiver

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Communications Receiver

This Icom R1500 receiver is in good condition. I will include the USB cable and a non-oem ac adapter. The software can be downloaded from Icom's website.

Wideband Mobile Black Box Receiver 

Ultra wideband coverage

Explore radio signals from all over the world! The IC-R1500 covers 0.01–3299.999MHz* in AM, FM, SSB and CW mode.
* See the specifications for details.

60 channels per second scan

Quickly scan through a band with the IC-R1500’s 60 Ch/second scan rate*. Program, priority scan and various scanning modes are available.
* When tuning step is less than 100kHz in program scan mode.

Optional DSP capability

Whether you are into weak signal work or you have noise from your vehicles ignition, the optional DSP, UT-106, will help. The noise reduction and auto notch filter functions are the key to pulling a radio signal out of the noise.

1000 alphanumeric memory channels

1000 on-board memory channels at the touch of a button! With Icom’s Dynamic Memory Scan, DMS, you have a versatile memory channel management system at your command. The 1000 memory channels can be arranged by service or personal preference in the 21 memory banks. Selectively link the channels together to scan depending on your needs. Programming the memory channels and 6 character memory names is simple with your PC.

CTCSS, DTCS tone and pocket beep

The CTCSS and DTCS tones provide quiet stand-by while waiting for a matched tone signal. And the pocket beep function alerts you with a beep sound when a matched tone signal is received.

Other features

  • VSC (Voice squelch control) opens the squelch only when a modulated signal is detected and ignores unmodulated, beat noise
  • IF filter selection for changing IF filter width
  • IF shift function
    SSB, CW mode only
  • Noise blanker eliminates pulse type noise such as engine ignition noise
    SSB, CW, AM mode only
  • RF attenuator attenuates 20dB (approx.)
    below 1300MHz
  • Weather alert function
    U.S.A. version only
  • AFC function automatically follows the receiving frequency when the receiving frequency drifts in FM mode
    BW: 6kHz or 15kHz
  • 30 min – 2 hour auto power off timer
  • Fast/slow AGC setting
  • Short/long squelch delay
  • All IC-PCR1500 functions are available when connected to a PC
  • Cloning function allows you to read/write memory contents from your PC. Sharing the data with IC-PCR1500 is also possible.
  • U.S.A. Customers check out http://www.perconcorp.com/icom/ for frequency lists in your neighborhood. Based on FCC license.

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