Wilkinson Sword Survival Knife

Wilkinson Sword Survival Knife NOS

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    Hollow high impact plastic handle
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    Miniature survival kit inside handle. NEVER open

Up for sale from an eBay seller since 2002. A NOS (New, Old Stock) Wilkinson Sword Survival Knife. This knife was an inheritance from my late father-in-law. I first saw it in the early 1990's and could hardly believe my eyes! It was that beautiful! It was a gift from one of his old friends from England who, as an arms dealer, no doubt had some influence at Wilkinson Sword. I had assumed that the knife was a rare special item, issued only to the very elite army forces like the SAS. When my father-in-law's friend stayed with us last summer, he informed me that it was never an issue knife. SAS troops, commonly have to carry around 100lbs of kit on their backs. This is NOT the knife I would have liked to have added to that load! By itself, it's fine, though! These Survival Knives were their top product if you exclude the presentation swords that they quite likely still manufactured at the time. This knife was so expensive, few were ever sold and even fewer were unused! As business steadily dropped off, they commenced making their "budget" Dartmoore series at a more reasonable price but, to no avail. The company actually/almost went out of business. Many completed Dartmoore knives or parts that were never finished when the company died, are available for very reasonable prices here on eBay.Today, the company has changed hands a few times and now MAY still make presentation swords but, Wikipedia suggests that they now manufacture razor blades for the American company Schick. What a comedown! This particular knife is new, unused and still intact in it's box with all it's papers. It shows only the faint marks on the blade that were left by being withdrawn from and reinserted into the plastic sheath. Nothing to devalue it, I assure you. I waited almost 25 years before I ever saw the knife again. It was the only item my father-in-law specifically left to me. I would have liked to  have had one or more of his Leica cameras but, it  was not to be. The young fellow who received that collection, likely took them directly to his local pawn shop! Inside the handle is a sealed plastic tube that contains a basic set of tools that MIGHT keep you alive if you crashed your plane in the north country. NEVER open it! It is quite impossible to reinsert the fishing line, hooks, sinkers, wire, needles and thread & etc that are listed in the manual. As a VERY rare and collectible knife, I am asking a reasonable price for an item that, kept new, will continue to increase in value. I will entertain offers that are lower but, not one that is simply a slap in the face. To the best of my knowledge, there is only one other similar knife still unused and still boxed and I am NOT the owner. This auction is in USD.

I have finally decided to lower my asking price.I still feel $15,000.00 was a fair price but, the offers I received caused me to reconsider the price.

Best of luck and thanks for looking.

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