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The Xtreme Performance Module for the Ford Focus is the best in class option for conserving fuel while increasing your bottom line horsepower and torque.  Many other brands state ridiculous numbers for savings and power but here at Xtreme Performance Auto Group, we want you to understand the true potential and what we have heard from our customers. 

On average, our customers see:

  • An increase in mileage of 3-5 MPG 
  • An average power gain between 35 - 45 HP (as determined by customer response)
  • A smoother and faster acceleration (does not affect your shift points)
  • Assists with low-end power when towing

Xtreme Auto Group provides you:

  • Same day unlimited Support to assist with any questions you may have, before or after the sale.
  • A detailed installation guide for all vehicles which includes diagrams / pictures of  your vehicle.  Very few competitors can offer this although they say they do. (Must purchase the module to receive the instruction guide)
  • Everything ships with the module, no need to request an installation guide, it comes with the shipment.
  • Next day shipping if order is placed before 6pm EST (please see the shipping information for actual time to arrival)
  • Tracking numbers provided by the United States Postal Service.
  • 100% money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the purchase. (Requires the returned module for refund within 30 days.) 

Fast and Easy Installation

  • Installation does not require the cutting or soldering of any wires. 
  • Anyone can install this, no previous mechanical experience needed.
  • A full instruction guide is included with the shipment to assist you in locating the connection points and determining the wiring colors to attach to for YOUR SPECIFIC VEHICLE.  Not a generic guide like many of our competitors. 

Your Purchase includes:

  • 1- Xtreme Performance Module for the Ford Focus 
  • Quick Connect Wire Connectors (No Cutting or Soldering required)
  • Cable ties to mount the chip
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • Free Unlimited Technical Support
  • Detailed (Vehicle SpecificInstallation Guide

All of our parts are built in the United States of America.

Here are common questions that our customers have:

Question:            Do I have to use High Test or 93 Octane Fuel?

Answer:               No, we recommend that you use the fuel type as outlined by your vehicles


Question:            Will this work on Diesel engines?

Answer:               Yes, this chip will work on both naturally aspirated and Diesel engines.

Question:            Will this work on Turbo Charged Engines?

Answer:               Yes, our chip will work with both Diesel Turbo engines and naturally aspirated turbo engines.

Question:            Will this work with Superchargers?

Answer:               No, we do not recommend the use of the Power Module with Supercharged engines.

Question:            Does the Transmission type matter?

Answer:               No, this module will work with all transmission types and will not affect the shift points.

                             (2WD / 4WD / Automatic / Manual)

Question:            Does the installation require a mechanic?

Answer:               No, this is a simple install and should only take 10 – 15 minutes if you have never seen

                             the inside of an engine compartment.

Question:            Does the installation require any specific tools?

Answer:               The only tools required for installation are:

·Pair of 


·A Wrench to disconnect the battery terminal

Question:            Why do I have to disconnect the Battery terminal and for how long?

Answer:               By disconnecting the battery, the connection of the Module will register faster and

                             speed up the time it takes to see the changes.

Question:            What if I have a security system that will disable the vehicle if the battery is removed?

Answer:               Disconnecting the battery is an Optional step.  If you have a security system you can

                             connect the module without disconnecting the battery. 

Question:            Will adding this aftermarket module affect my vehicles warranty?

Answer:               Absolutely not, Federal law prohibits warranty providers from voiding your entire

                             vehicles warranty due to installation of aftermarket parts.  Here is a link to the

                             guideline: Moss Warranty Act


                             Due to insurance requirements Xtreme Auto Group will not be held responsible for

                             Warranty loss even though we have never had a single customer have an issue.  Some

                             dealerships may give you problems with aftermarket parts, due to the ease of removal

                             and re-connection; you can always remove the module prior to servicing.

Question:            How much money can I save in fuel?

Answer:               You can save anywhere from $500 – $1900.00 per year based on fuel prices and the

                             amount of driving you do.

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