Outboard Jets

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Lose of Outboard Jet Boat Power

This video is about loss of power for a jet outbord motor on a jon boat.

Outboard Jets

Just my buddy and I playing in our outboard jets, if you want to really know more about jet boats stop by. www.meanchicken.net.

Running Shallow. Alweld 150 Mercury outboard jet on the Gasconade River.

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Recent 1/700s, 3 Air Tankers
Here's a nice overhead view taken with the good camera. I'll describe the air tankers here, air racers and target/controllers in the later captions: Skywave P-2 Neptune in Hawkins and Powers air tanker colors. From...
Photo by wbaiv on Flickr
Inboard and outboard LAU 131
Photo by Philippine Fly Boy on Flickr
Martin 4-0-4 N40428 Outboard Marine
San Francisco 1960
Photo by Bill Larkins on Flickr
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Outboard Jet Drive
Photo by Beige Alert on Flickr
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jet skis Modern Thailand
Photo by snappitt photography on Flickr
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Skywave "Scramble" set 1/700 Lockheed P2 Neptune air tanker
As supplied by Skywave, this P2 has a rear fuselage turret, wing tip fuel tanks/searchlight mount, under fuselage radome and the auxiliary jet engine pods that go outboard of the propeller engines are included in the...
Photo by wbaiv on Flickr
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The Expedient Way To Travel
A flat-bottomed aluminum skiff and outboard motor with an jet unit is the preferred mode for travel on the Noatak River when you need to cover a lot of miles going upstream. Rangers patrol the river every summer to...