Outboard Motor Repair Shop


Lil' Racer tears down a V6 boat engine to repair a blown head gasket and timing chain with a little help from Mike.

Outboard motor Misfire diagnose and repair

This is a video on how to diagnose and repair a ignition misfire on a Chrysler outboard motor .

The Most Common Outboard Engine Issues: Fuel Systems and Flushing

Join boats.com Senior Editor, Lenny Rudow, as he walks us through the most common outboard engine issues, particularly involving fuel systems and flushing.

Days 31 & 32 Jan 17 &18, 2017 Tues & Wed

We had another nice day to boat. We arrived in Ft Lauderdale shortly after noon after 7 bridges. We picked up a slip at the Swimming Hall of Fame Marina and plan to get the outboard for the dinghy worked on here. A deck had said he lived near where the boat mechanic was so he took it to the repair shop for a fee. It should only take a few hours so we should have it back by Wed. afternoon. The... Source: Sea Turtle