Yamaha Outboard Covers

Yamaha Outboard Engine Cover Spray Can Painting

Making Aerosol Spray Can Repaint Look Like A Professional Repaint. Instructional/How To Video Video applies to all spray can paint jobs.

Yamaha Branded vented Splash cover

Protect your motors cowl on and off the water with an OCA Splash cover. Fully tested and approved. Covers available for 99% of all motors.

Restoring Yamaha Outboard Cowl

It's time to give a better image to your outboard, with little money (and some hand) can re-let your outboard motor as the first day !. 3 paint cans 400ml to 9 euros ...

February 17

There are four new notices to mariners for our region since the last Samson Post.

One is about jetty maintenance at Day Dream Island, a couple are about unlit beacons at Shute Harbour and Pioneer Rocks, and one about the jetty at South Molle Island being demolished.

Details of all notices are available at the Qld Govt Transport website

We often get...

Source: VMR Samson Post