Yamaha Outboard Oil Change Kit

DIY, how to change the oil in a 4 stroke outboard, in this case a Yamaha F115 100 hour service

Just doing the 100 hour service on a 2003 Yamaha F115. In this section I cover the oil change.

Yamaha F250 Outboard Oil And Filter Service At D-Ray's Shop

Do it yourself and save some money! I'll show yall how to do basic service on your Yamaha F250 outboard, it's really easy. If an ol' redneck like me can do it, ...

How to Change Engine Oil on Four-Stroke Outboard

http://www.boats.com/reviews/boats/how-to-change-engine-oil-on-a-4-stroke-outboard-engine/ For more how to videos, visit www.boats.com. You may have ...