Car Emergency Kit and 5 Ways to Stay Safe

A 2000 drivers census revealed that almost 100 million people are either driving themselves or commuting to work via carpool every day. Can you image the number of cars that is on the road in any given area? No wonder we have rushed hour traffic that lasts for 4 hours easily. Aside from there being so many drivers, another concern is the safety of those drivers and ourselves as we are driving right along with them. Please consider these simple tips for staying safe on the road:

1) Maintain your vehicle! Keeping your vehicle properly maintained is one of the easiest ways to driving safely.

Not only are you looking out for your well being, but by having a roadworthy car, you are making the drive to work safer for the other drivers around you as well. Check your filters, fluids, and spark plugs for maximum efficiency. Keep your tires properly inflated and make sure the bulbs in all of your car's exterior lights are working correctly.2) Emergency Preparedness. It is important to carry a car emergency kit while driving.

A standard first aid kit is a good start, and then you can add things to a set of jumper cables and a safety triangle. If you are worried about breaking down in cooler weather, include a few blankets and some emergency hand warmers to help you stay warm until help arrives.

3. Seat belts buckled! A seatbelt can be the difference between a minor injury and a hospitalization in the case of an auto accident.

If a driver or front seat passenger is properly wearing their seat belt, they have a 50% chance of reducing the severity of their injuries by as much as half. In certain situations, a seat belt can save your life, and that makes it one of the most important safety devices in your car.

4: Having Good Directions. Making sure you have directions if you have never been to a place before is one way that you can be a safe driver. People who are driving slowly or a bit erratically trying to find a place they are looking for can be distractions to other drivers, which can cause an accident.

Using a GPS system is a great hands-free alternative to paper maps, as long as it is placed at your eye level (many have suction cups on their back side for placing on the windshield). Don't let your directions become your distraction.

5. Don't Drive Distracted. Some distractions you experience behind the wheel while you are driving are not ones you have much control over, things like road construction, and the actions of other drivers who are in traffic around you. All you can do in these situations is try to stay alert and keep your eyes on the road in front of and around you.

Minimize distraction you can control such as music players, maps, and conversations in the car while you are driving to be safe.It doesn't matter who you are or where you are headed in your car, what is important is that you get there safely.