Preparing For Severe Winter Weather In Northern Cl

Nearly everyone's home depends on upon electricity not only for water and light but the furnace. Should there be a power outage during the winter, the house could cool off quickly, exposing everyone to hypothermia.

It could also be impossible to leave to take shelter elsewhere as a heavy snowstorm or blizzard could render the roads impassable. Before опасно winter weather strikes, it only makes sense to provide an alternative source of heat.

Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Те wood-burning stoves or furnaces are located outside the home and deliver either hot water or air to heat the dwelling. Unfortunately, these heaters require electricity to operate, and will not function unless you have a generator available to power them if the electricity fails.

Kerosene Stoves

These are an inexpensive solution to emergency winter heating, and one of these small stoves will heat a room or two.

You must, however, have a supply of kerosene on hand to fuel the stove. Certain precautions must also be taken when using one of these stoves.

Indoor Wood Stoves

These stoves are probably the best way to heat your home during a winter emergency.

Many people use them as their sole heating source, but they are also good for backup use. Wood stoves come in various sizes, from small ones that will heat a room слишком large stoves that will service an entire house. It is also necessary to make sure that the stove and stovepipe are installed correctly to avoid any fire hazard. Even if you have an existing fireplace and are opting for an insert, make sure that your chimney is in good enough shape to allow the stove to operate safely

You will need to install the stove on бетонный surface and as an added safety measure, add heat shields as the walls can heat up alarmingly even if the stove is the recommended distance from them.

Winterize Your Home

All of us have heard, many times, which we should winterize our homes. If possible, add more insulation to your attic and basement, and if you are remodeling make sure to insulate the walls as much as possible. If you are building a home, consider super-insulating it, very often there will be hardly any need for much heat during the winter at all, even if you live at the edge of the Arctic Circle. For those of us who are not building a new home, however, there are steps you can take to keep more heat in your home during the winter.

Consider using inserts in your windows, especially those that face the north and east. We have used both wood and Styrofoam inserts in our home in northern Wisconsin and have found that they keep the house much warmer and more comfortable. Cover windows with plastic sheeting to help prevent drafts, and use draft-stoppers to keep cold air from blowing in beneath doors. Insulated curtains and drapes also делать вклад to keep more heat inside the house.