Tactical Wilderness E2 8a


  • NOLS Wilderness Medicine

    Stackpole Books. 2013. ISBN: 9780811749886,0811749886. 336 pages.

    One of the finest first aid books I've seen. --Mel Otten, M.D., Wilderness Medical Society • New chapters on judgment and decision-making and mental health • First-aid topics--patient assessment, shock, soft tissue injury, burns, fractures and dislocations, and chest, head, and abdominal injury • How to handle environmental problems--heat, cold, water, altitude, and poisonous plants and animals

  • Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants

    Stackpole Books. 2008. ISBN: 9780811742801,0811742806. 264 pages.

    First-ever revision of a classic guidebook. Information on each plant's characteristics, distribution, and medicinal qualities as well as updated taxonomy and 15 new species. How to identify and use wild plants for medicinal purposes.

  • Nuclear war survival skills

    Ralph Hultgreen. 1979. 232 pages.
  • How to Survive Anything Anywhere

    2017. ISBN: 1904687253,9781904687252. 320 pages.
  • Rosie Revere, Engineer

    Abrams. 2013. ISBN: 9781613125304,1613125305. 32 pages.

    Rosie may seem quiet during the day, but at night she’s a brilliant inventor of gizmos and gadgets who dreams of becoming a great engineer. When her great-great-aunt Rose (Rosie the Riveter) comes for a visit and mentions her one unfinished goal—to fly—Rosie sets to work building a contraption to make her aunt’s dream come true. But when her contraption doesn’t fly but rather hovers for a moment and then crashes, Rosie deems the invention a failure. On the contrary, Aunt Rose insists that...