Wood Screw Sizes

An Introduction To Wood Screws

Here's a brief introduction to the many styles of wood screws to help you pay closer attention to choosing the right one for your application. There are different ...

How to Choose Screws | Screw Size Guide

Do you know how to select the correct screw for your home projects? The wrong choice could cost you time and money. Use this video as a guide to help you ...

Screws; all about screws wood screws first part

Describing all types of screws and there use we will move along to sheet metal, tin, toggles, molly's, Sheetrock, drywall, concrete and more.

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two days of sizing and dry-fitting cleats!
fitting the cleats that the sole and seat tops will be glued and screwed to
Photo by Dale Simonson on Flickr
playa archeology moop matteroutofplace burningman2012 moopmaniac
Moop I Found -- Deep Playa
Only things I kept were the AAA batteries in the holder, clothespin, small Altoids box containing two MDMA? pills (I have a Mecke Reagent Testing Kit but don't want to test until I'm ready to take) with two 200mg...
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heliotrope surveying surveyinginstruments surveyinginstrument boxheliotrope
Box Heliotrope 5/7 Zoomed sight view
Closeup of box heliotrope main mirror viewed from the target direction. In the foreground is the rear sight, with the large shadow ring topped by the rear peep sight. The rear sight is also visible in the mirror. In...
Photo by signal mirror on Flickr
california wood plant flower macro nature screw hasselblad deck aptus22
Don't you fucking tell me where I can grow. View On Black Taken using a Hasselblad 500c/m with an 80mm Zeiss Planar lens + 55mm extension tube to an Aptus 22 digital back.
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wood industry metal iron object tools bolt nut screwed
Free and Public Domain Photos – Bolt and Nut Screwed More photos and details about possible copyright or licensing restrictions here: public-photo.net/industries/bolt-and-nut-screwed/ Full Size Up to 3072 x 2304...
Photo by Public Domain Photos on Flickr
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Bookbinder's bandstick
Adjustable wooden bandstick. Two flat pieces of hardwood hinged at back and clamped together with two large screws. Gaps between pieces of wood can be adjusted by turning screws. Used to rub down the 'bands' of a...
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Collected Waste for Collecting Waste
Our family now has a dog. His name is Bleu. Well, his name was originally Blue, but he does not know that. And he is even less likely to know that his full, birth name, was Bluebeard The Pirate. In the end, dogs, like...
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crosscut sled tablesaw woodworking
Odd sizes
It's not a very good crosscut sled, but it gets the job done. I've been using it to cut odd-sized pieces of plywood. I set up quicky jigs on the sled by screwing scraps of wood into it.
Photo by simonov on Flickr
house kitchen au australia redmond wa pantry westernaustralia strawbale housebuild 6327 greatsouthern redmoonsanctuary
Pantry Shelving - Strawbale House Build in Redmond Western Australia
It took Sue two long days to install the shelving in our pantry: A three-dimensional jigsaw made of 55 pieces of timber and melamine, held together by around 200 screws. We had the shelves cut to size from melamine...
Photo by Red Moon Sanctuary on Flickr
flowers worklog largeprint
Worklog, large photo mounting 1 (Please view large)
I finally got around to mounting the smaller of my very large prints. 24"x48" of a lily at Chatsworth House - www.flickr.com/photos/random_dave/199616652/in/set-721575... 1. Saw wood to size 2. Place on...
Photo by random_dave : lankiofbadger on Flickr
Quick and dirty Moxon vise
Made from a pair of press screws (www.rockler.com/9-press-screw) and 2x6 construction lumber. I may try to use better wood in the future, but even with low-quality wood it makes a huge difference in working with wider...
Photo by jonner on Flickr