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    09/21/18 ,via
  • Weary of Power Outages, Puerto Ricans Find Solace in Solar

    09/21/18 ,via Wall Street Journal

    They installed 16 solar panels on the roof of their home in Caguas, south of San Juan, and a battery that charges during the day and allows them to run appliances and a TV at night, said Mr. Guzmán, a 29-year-old accountant. With a financing plan to

  • Solar panel-mounted energy storage could be a good fit in space-constrained areas

    09/20/18 ,via S&P Global Platts

    Austin, Texas-based Yotta Solar has developed a battery pack designed to be mounted behind individual solar panels called the SolarLEAF. The technology can be incorporated as a single solar-plus-storage system during the construction phase or can be 

  • That's a big dam battery

    Battery technology is slowly improving. Companies like LG, Sonnen, and especially Tesla, are marketing batteries that combine with home rooftop solar panels. Tesla's "Powerwall" is a rechargeable AC-coupled home battery that stores energy during sunny 

  • A solar-paneled German car aims to make your daily commute free

    09/04/18 ,via Quartz

    A car that runs on sunshine is in the works from German startup Sono Motors. The company is testing what it says will be the first affordable electric car with a battery that gets an added boost from sunlight, acting as a sort of self-charging power


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