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    09/24/18 ,via
  • Cannibalism, crafting, and extreme bodily functions in survival game Scum

    08/29/18 ,via PC Gamer

    Scum is an Early Access open world survival game, so you probably know the general drill: spawn on an island with essentially nothing, run around gathering resources to craft stuff, loot houses for gear, watch out for zombies and other players, and

  • Getting started in survival game Scum

    08/31/18 ,via PC Gamer

    Scum, the new survival game from Gamepires and Croteam blew up on Steam, attracting over 700,000 players in its first week of Early Access (plus drawing some controversy for its now-removed Nazi tattoos). There's some pretty complicated stuff going on 

  • “It's not crazy”: Colorado woman hopes to re-brand doomsday preparation movement

    09/24/18 ,via The Denver Post

    Yes, there was a zombie defense van with a bloody plastic skeleton on its windshield. But most of the vendors and speakers Sunday at the Self-Reliance Vendors at the expo hawked knifes, gold bars, backpacking food, tiny homes, “frequency modified

  • BETTER OFF ZED Asks "How Does A Marriage Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?"

    The Walking Dead became a cultural phenomenon because it examined the human aspect of survival in a zombie apocalypse and now Butcher Bird Studios and director Travis Stevens are putting a comedic spin on an even more intrinsic question: “how does


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The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead [Max Brooks] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Zombie Survival Guide is your key to survival against the hordes of undead who may be stalking you right now. Fully illustrated and exhaustively comprehensive

The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz

Welcome to the most comprehensive Zombie Apocalypse Survival quiz you're likely to find. A lot of thought, time, and effort went into the making of this quiz, and I think you'll find it to be a bit different than other quizzes you may have taken.

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Play free zombie survival games: Zombie Riot, Zombie Exploder, Undead Hunter, Zombie Weeners, Zombie Survival Outbreak

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The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks [Max Brooks, Ibraim Roberson] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it. From the Stone Age to the information age