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When I made survival kits in the Army I had 5 different ways to make fire. A fire will give you warmth when it's cold, chilly, and downright freezing outside.

Best Survival Kit: Your Ultimate Kit to Staying Alive

The best survival kit may be your lifesaver because it includes the items and tools you need in the event you find yourself in the wilderness, urban or rural emergency situation. At the very least, it contains the most important items, including signal mirrors, fire starters, parachute cords ...

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helpful links. Our Favorite Survival Sites. We have compiled a list of Top Survival Websites, Homestead Websites, and Resources for you to review (And it is free).

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An old standby “survival” skills game used to facilitate leadership development training forced participant teams to choose among a list of survival gear and supplies items. The game was posed as being cast on an isolated island after a ship wreck or plane crash (Hey, remember Wilson?), or in the jungle after a plane crash […]