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Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Survival KIT IN A SARDINE CAN. OCCUPY DEFEND REPEL


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Need Custom Kits or Volume Discounts? I'm willing to work with you and your group to provide the tools you need. Just EMAIL and ask!. Read my recent article at Outdoor Hub: What is a Comprehensive Wilderness Survival Kit, and Why Should You Have One? Limited Time Offer - Orders over $100 get the new M40 Survival shirt shown below for free!Email me with the size you want, or add it to the ...

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The smaller the kit, the more likely you are to have it on you, near you, or in your car when you need it. That’s why you find tiny emergency sewing kits small enough to fit in a wallet.

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S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer Origin, Multi-Function Ultimate Survival Tool, Waterproof & Lightweight Case, Compact Outdoor Emergency Gear Kit, Buck Tilton Lifesaving Tips & Techniques, 6.25oz