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LOT X8 Zombie 3-Day Defense Survival Kit Walking Dead Disaster Emergency Bug Out

Functional First Aid Survival Kit! A Halloween Must!!!

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit 3.0

The survival kit of all survival kits! The bug out bag to end all bug out bags! Check out my zombie survival kit and remember that if you're ready for the Zombie ...

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

My Zombie Survival Kit ! Zombie Apocalypse or not, it always pays to be prepared for emergencies, natural disasters, home invasions, survival situations and the ...

Zombie Survival Kit V 3.0 1IdeaAhead

Version 3.0 refined survival kit for surviving the wasteland. What happens when fallout gamer meets survivalist for the ultimate assembly of gear and skill, you ...

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    03/07/17 ,via Daily Mail

    The eight most important skills to know include making metal tools, preserving food, making chemicals, making things from wood, basic first aid, growing crops, making clothes and getting engines and machines to work, according to astrobiologist Dr

  • Terror attack survivors open 'doomsday prep' store in Mandurah

    02/25/17 ,via WAtoday

    Among necessary emergency supplies like fire extinguishers, compasses, flashlights and life jackets, you will find alien heads, zombie fighter kits and plenty more doomsday-inspired wares. Not to mention the store's two resident zombies stationed out

  • Zombie Survival Kit project helps students understand renewable energy resources

    12/10/16 ,via Fairfaxtimes.com

    Falls Church High School geosystems and biology teacher Brian Schwenk engaged his students in a renewable resource unit by weaving in some pop culture: he challenged them to use what they had learned to develop a zombie apocalypse survival kit 

  • Disasters to zombies, local and state governments prepare for emergencies

    03/05/17 ,via Alton Telegraph

    WOOD RIVER — While the Illinois Emergency Management Agency is gearing up for severe weather, and the Illinois General Assembly is trying to prepare us for the zombie apocalypse, the Madison County Health Department is seeking volunteers for its

  • Could You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Illinois Wants You To Prepare For It

    02/28/17 ,via moviepilot.com

    Zombies get people's attention. They are something that evokes on an emotional level. It doesn't matter if you believe this is a possible threat or not. Either way, the thought of #zombies encourages you to prepare. The same things you would need to

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What's in my (House Ditch) Bag
This is the Bag I keep in my house to grab in case I need to leave for somewhere in an emergency. I went to a survival training course, and now I have a couple of these hanging out all over the place. Car, house,...
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Secret Santa Gift
Zombie Survival Kit, eyeglass screwdriver, Cuba Libre (second year in a row I have received cigars, though I do not know why), Mike and Ike (my favorite candy), and a large bag of Monkey's Breath!!! Thanks!
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