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The Basics of Thermoelectric Generators

What is a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG)? Thermoelectric generators are devices that convert temperature differences into electrical energy, using a phenomenon called the "Seebeck effect" .

Stove Lite - Thermoelectric Generator LED Lantern Powered ...

Stove Lite Wood Stove LED Lantern & USB Charger! Using Thermoelectric Generator (TEG Power) technology, TEGpro a division of LEDdynamics, Inc., has designed the world's first LED lantern that runs and charges entirely from the heat of your wood stove.

Thermoelectric Modules - TEGmart

Shop TEGmart for a variety of reliable and the most efficient high-temperature Thermoelectric Modules. Click to Learn More about TEG Modules or Shop Now!

Scientific Guide to Understanding and Using TEG Power!

Info on Thermoelectric Generators - This guide defines common terminology, the science behind how TEGs work and offers info on using TEG products that convert heat to power!