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Lofty Wiseman Survival Knife and Dartmoor Survival Knife field tests with Sumo Survival

Sumo Sean and Sumo Sy field test the Lofty Wiseman Survival Knife and the Wilkinson Sword Dartmoor Survival Knife on location in Scotland. The result after a ...

Macdonald Armouries Type D Survival Knife

An authentic revival of the original Wilkinson Sword Co. Type D Survival Knife, hand-crafted by Macdonald Armouries, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Sumo Survival - Knife Test Teaser

A quick video where Sumo Sy and Sumo Sean check out the Lofty Wiseman Knife and the Wilkinson Sword Dartmoor Knife before testing them in the field.

Flying the Fourteen

A few weeks back, the hugely admirable John Mollison posted a new Old Guys & Their Airplanes clip to accompany his finished illustration of F/L John Wilkinson’s Spitfire Mk.XIV.

Perhaps I should have that the other way around… Anyway, John’s post, clip and artwork reminded me that I had a pilot’s review of the XIV in my collection, and it seemed...

Source: airscape Magazine